NZES currently has access to various funding streams for energy efficiency upgrades and projects via the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

These include subsidies of up to 40% for implementing Continuous Commissioning or Continuous Energy Optimisation. Note the extent of this funding is based on the savings NZES will guarantee and is a grant so it is not paid back. There is also funding available for sub metering, implementing energy efficiency upgrades and energy management, where we provide resources to help develop energy management policies, set up energy management teams and help establish a thorough process for managing your energy. Separate funding is available for energy design reviews, where we review a new fit out or building with an independent focus on energy efficiency. This funding also covers Integrated Independent Commissioning, where we set functional objectives for a new site or fit out and independently ensure all the buildings systems integrate well and function together to minimize energy use.

NZES can also facilitate Crown Loans which cover the full cost of an energy efficiency project, and where the reduction in energy costs covers the repayment of the loan to EECA. This loan scheme covers projects with a payback of up to 5 years. These projects can also sometimes be combined with the grant funding mentioned above to achieve very cost effective projects.